Spell Bound by Rachel Hawkins

imagesSpellbound (Hex Hall #3)

By Rachel Hawkins


Barnes and Nobel



Sophie Mercer wakes up on the ground in a forest seventeen days after she left Thorne Abbey.  Since her powers were bound the Itineris didn’t know what to do with her.  She still doesn’t have her powers and her friends and father are nowhere to be found.  She finds her mother right where Cal said she would be.  However when her father and Cal show up the reunion doesn’t last long.  She gets magically teleported back to Hex Hall against her will where the Casnoff’s are creating a demon army made up of students.  If all of that weren’t bad enough she has to deal with former mean girl Elodie’s ghost jumping into her body to get revenge on her ex.  All of that pales in comparison to what she and her friends will have to do to set things right.

My Review:

This book is a nice solid end to Sophie’s story.  It wraps things up nicely.  I didn’t have a clue how Rachel Hawkins was going to get everyone back to Hex Hall.  It’s the Hex Hall series so the action has to take place at Hex Hall.  It was kind of genius and scary.  I’m not telling.  You’ll have to read the book.

What I’ve always liked about Sophie is that she thinks for herself and is fairly fearless.  She really needs both of those things in the final book.  I say final because it’s Sophie’s final book.  The Hex Hall series continues with School Spirits.  The new book features Izzy Brannick; Sophie’s cousin.

I liked that everything was turned on its side.  In the first twenty pages we find out that the Casnoff’s have been telling stories.  The Brannick’s are not the vast demon hunting organization that Sophie had been told they were.  In fact there are only three Brannick’s left.

I don’t think I’m giving anything away by saying that Sophie does get her powers back.  She also realizes that they need a large amount of demon glass to fight the demon army.  Sophie and the gang go to extreme lengths to obtain the demon glass.  Even the grand finale fight at the end was heart wrenching.  Cal makes a decision that I’m still wondering about.  I wonder about the reason and it isn’t made completely clear, at least to me.  Sophie is left with choices of her own after everything is said and done.  I can only hope that the choices that Sophie made lead to more Hex Hall books, staring Sophie and Archer, in the future.

PicsArt_1375992687897PG-13  It’s the final book so there’s bound to be bloodshed.

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Demon glass


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