Peace Maker By Lindsay Buroker

FlashGoldPeaceMakerCoverWebPeace Maker (Flash Gold #3)

By Lindsay Buroker


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Kali McAlister is working hard to make her dream of having her very own airship a reality.  She’s spending every free moment in a cave above town.  When a gambler tracks her into the woods and girls start to be murdered by a mystical bear it appears Kali’s plans are on hold.  The gambler turns out to be a Pinkerton after Cedar and the murderer turns out to be very much human.  Kali and Cedar are on another adventure and there are more air pirates.

My Review:

I love these stories.  I should probably stop reviewing them but I want to tell people about them.  They’re fun and you can get lost in them.  This one was deep and it was still fun.  Lindsay Buroker is a gifted storyteller.

In Peace Maker we discover painful parts of Kali and Cedar’s pasts.  We find that these painful pasts directly impact who the characters are.  One of my favorite scenes in the novella is when Kali decides which name she’s going to use to introduce herself to the medicine man.  It shows her courage and proves she’s overcoming her past.

Kali displays her genius over and over again by coming up with clever solutions to her problems.  She doesn’t sit down and admit defeat when she’s captured by the pirates.  She doesn’t wait to see if Cedar will rescue her.  She works out the problem and finds a solution.  She needs to get out of the shackles so she works out a way to get herself unbolted from the floor.  She needs a weapon so she makes one.  Kali is what a role model should be.

We also get our first look at Crudgel.  The characters had been talking about him for so long that I was beginning to envision him as the grim reaper.  He’s evil sure but he was wearing white.  He’s a bad, bad man and I hate him.  We also finally get a clearer picture of the lengths Crudgel went to in his quest to keep Cedar at bay.

Poor emotionally beaten Cedar finally tells Kali the whole story about what Crudgel is capable of.  It’s the reason he’s kept his distance from Kali but it isn’t enough to throw Crudgel off Kali’s scent.  Everyone else wants Kali’s knowledge of Flash Gold but Crudgel wants her so he can use her to hurt Cedar.  He’d probably take the knowledge of Flash Gold too though.  I did mention he’s evil.

This novella is full of the action and adventure that defines the Flash Gold series.  Lindsay Buroker tweeted that she’s working on a fourth one.  I can’t wait.  In the mean time I’m going to read her other books.

PicsArt_1375992730999PG-13  The pirate ship is hell in the sky.  Oh and Cedar is still taking heads with his fancy sword.

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