Tomorrow’s Sun by Becky Melbys


Tomorrow’s Sun

By: Becky Melby


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Amazon’s summary:

Emily Foster won’t allow herself to move on until she earns enough money to make restitution for the accident that stole a young girl’s dreams. Flipping houses sounds like the fast track to her goal, but when her first project turns out to be a stop on the Underground Railroad, Emily finds herself drawn to, but at odds with, the contractor she hires. Jake Braden needs to focus on gaining guardianship of his late sister’s twins, but the story of lost love uncovered in Emily’s house sets the stage for what might become his own lost love.

My Review: 

What a well written and powerful book.  I was immediately taken into Emily’s world, and the world of Hannah and Liam.  At every turn you are with Emily as she struggles to be at peace with her past and push towards her future.  Then there is Jake, whose love for his niece and nephew pulls you.  My heart breaks for these children and I literally want to go thru the book to strangle Ben.

The house’s connection to the underground rail is wonderfully written.  The flash backs to Hannah and Liam’s journey take you back in time. I wanted to know as much about them and the people they helped along the way as Emily did.

I highly recommend this book.  It is just a wonderfully uplifting story and is definitely one I will read again.


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