Demon Glass by Rachel Hawkins

Demon glassDemon Glass

By Rachel Hawkins



Barnes and Nobel


Now that Sophie Mercer knows where her magic comes from she decides that she doesn’t want it anymore.  She would rather risk her life and go through the removal than risk hurting someone else.  Her father convinces her to stay with him in England and learn about who and what she is.  If she still feels the same at the end of summer he’ll support her decision.  So Sophie, Jenna and Cal head to England.  When she gets to her father’s estate she meets two other demons.  They were not born like Sophie.  They were made but they don’t remember who did it.  Everything is complicated when Archer Cross shows up and saves Sophie’s life.  Sophie has to untangle the lies and learns that things are never what they appear to be.

*Read the review for Hex Hall*

My Review:

I said in my review for Hex Hall that I binged on this series.  I had to read them all together.  I had to know what happened.  I needed to know if she was going to go through with the removal.  Not everyone survives the process.  I needed to know what Archer Cross was doing.  Was he really working for The Eye?  We get answers in this one.

We meet Sophie’s father at last.  He was everything I could have hoped for and more.  I had desperately hoped that he would be a bookish fuddy-duddy and he was.  Who else would be leading the council?  We also meet Nick and Daisy the demons that just turned up one day.  They were made but they don’t remember anything about it.

One night when Nick and Daisy take Sophie and Jenna out to a club in London The Eye attacks.  They think it’s a random attack until Archer Cross saves Sophie’s life and tells her that they attacked the club because they found out she was there.  As if things weren’t complicated enough between Sophie and Archer he asks her to meet him so they can talk.  When she doesn’t show up he has no choice but to crash her birthday party but wait it can’t be that easy.  One of her presents explodes and she finds out that someone close is responsible.  Everyone thinks it Archer.  Everyone except Sophie.

I enjoy how Rachel Hawkins tells the story of this series.  There isn’t any useless information.  My eyes didn’t wonder down the page ahead of where they should have been.  I couldn’t look away.  My review of Spellbound, the final Hex Hall book will post on September 23rd.  I can’t recommend this series enough.  Happy reading.


PG-13  Let’s just say that Archer takes Sophie to all the best demon pits.

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