Hunted by Lindsay Buroker

HuntedHunted (The Flash Gold Chronicles #2)

By Lindsay Buroker


Barnes and Noble



Kali’s former beau Sebastian turns up with an offer.  He’s digging for gold and wants her help.  She turns him down but Cedar has other ideas.  Sebastian’s claim is near another claim.  Cedar has been searching for Cudgel and the claim near Sebastian’s has been the first good lead he’s had.  He isn’t about to let it get away.  He poses as Kali’s current beau and they head out to Sebastian’s claim to spy.  It can’t be that easy though.  They are pursued by an unknown engineering wizard and Sebastian has some surprises of his own.  There is also the problem of Kali and Cedar’s deepening connection.

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My Review:

I love these stories.  There is no point in hiding it.  I love that Lindsay Buroker can fit a complete adventure in to such a short story.  The setting of this story is a little different.  They move from Moose Hollow to Dawson.  (Kali still has gangsters after her Flash Gold.)  They trade the frozen Yukon for a spring Yukon but there is still plenty of running and an SAB; a self- automated bicycle.

Kali and Cedar are simple characters on the surface but once you look closely you can see they are quite complex in a real way.  There are not layers for the sake of layers.  Kali and Cedar are complex in ways that matter.  They are both damaged in different ways but they manage to appreciate each other.  They complement each other which is important when you’re tracking down people who did something bad enough to have a bounty put on them.

This adventure takes place in the wild Yukon much like the last one did.  While on the steam bicycle they find they are on the run from a mysterious woman that doesn’t want to turn Kali over to gangsters but instead wants her dead.  Kali has a hard time being truly afraid due to the fact that the woman is an even more gifted engineer than Kali.  Kali is dazzled by the mystery woman’s toys.  Of course Kali wouldn’t be in danger out in the open if Cedar hadn’t suggested that taking Sebastian (Kali’s former beau) up on his offer to work on his claim was a good way to spy on a neighboring claim.  Cedar is convinced that Wild John will lead him to Cudgel.

It sounds like a good plan until they finally get there and Sebastian turns out to be the same jerk he had always been.  Poor Kali, but the good thing in all of this is that she finds out what kind of stuff Cedar is made of (it’s really good stuff).  He even shares his real name with her and why he’s hunting Cudgel.  Yes, the mess they are in during this story is Cedars fault but Kali always finds a way out of a mess.  It is always a creative way too.  Oh and she finds a way to save Cedar and herself from dying at the hands of the mystery woman after they are chased by mechanical cicada’s and lured into a trap.  I love this series.


PG   Cedar is a sword toting bounty hunter.

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