Novella Thursday: Maelyn

MaelynMaelyn (The Nine Princesses Novella)

By Anita Valle


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Amazon’s summary:

Maelyn was not born a princess. The king found her as a child, the lone survivor of a poor village slaughtered by the Red Fever. Suddenly she became a princess of Runa Realm, the first of nine orphans adopted by the king.

By her eighteenth year, Maelyn rules over Runa and a family of nine sisters. But some call the princesses frauds and impostors, a handful of urchins raised into royalty. Even Uncle Jarrod, the High King of Grunwold, seems determined to prove that Maelyn no longer deserves to be a princess. With a family losing faith in her, and a kingdom growing dangerously hostile, even Maelyn begins to wonder if she is truly a real princess. And if her riches will turn to rags once again….

The Nine Princesses Novellas is a series that chronicles the adventures of an unconventional family of princesses, the struggles they face in a kingdom often hostile to their humble origins, and the day-to-day dramas of nine young women whose personalities often clash like swords. Fans of Gail Carson Levine and Shannon Hale would enjoy this young-adult series. Recommended for ages 12 and up.

My Review:

This was a cute story.  It is geared towards a younger audience and I have to say that is a refreshing change.  Some of the things I have read I think do I really want my daughter reading this?  This time I can say yes to that question.

The nine princesses come from all across the land each being adopted by the king and queen who could not have their own children.  Maelyn is the oldest and it has fallen on her to be queen since both her parents are now gone.  This is a struggle since a lot of the kingdom, including her Uncle Jarrod the High King of Grunwold, does not believe they are real princesses, but impostors. She has to deal with her eight sisters who all have very different personalities.  Then there is the book miser, who still holds a grudge against a child.  He won’t take money for his books but trade and trading for Maelyn is nearly impossible.  All she wants is something new to read.

For reason unknown to anyone the servants have been dismissed from the castle.  The royal messenger has recently died of red fever and Willow his adopted brother has come ask to take his place. After a series of mishaps he finally brings Maelyn a new book, which delights her.  Willow loves to read as well and Maelyn and him form a friendship.

The ending is left open, so I hope as we learn about the other princesses and their stories some of the gaps get filled in.


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