Novella Thursday: Claiming the Vampire

Blood and Absinthe 2Novella Thursday Duel Review

Claiming the Vampire (Blood and Absinthe Book 3)

By Chloe Hart

Amazon: 2.99

Barnes and Noble: 2.99

Amazon Summary: Fae princess Jessica Greenwood has never questioned that her duty to her people comes before her own wishes. To avert a war between dimensions, she agrees to an arranged marriage with a stranger–the Dark Fae prince. Then she meets the mysterious vampire Hawk, who challenges all her beliefs and tempts her with a longing she’s never even imagined.

Now Jessica is caught between duty and desire. With the fate of two worlds hanging in the balance, how will she choose?

Lynn’s Review:

This story read like a movie not a book and I think that was the problem for me.  It was capable of so much more.  It was all there and it was wasted in favor of long sex passages.  I get that sex sells but to sacrifice the story for it?  It made me sad.  The story had potential and I had been excited to read it.

I wanted more of the court and more about Kel and Mary.  The story of both queens was interesting too.  It was a lesson about seeing people for what they really are and not siding with them simply because they have the same goals that you do.  Jessica’s mother knows the truth about what Kel’s mother is really up to but she doesn’t care and in my opinion is in denial.

Jessica had backbone even in her weakest moments.  Even when she’s admiring the sharp points of her arrows and how easily one could kill her.  She could have walked away and left the mess for someone else to clean up, but she doesn’t because she wants to do the best thing for her people.

Stars: 2


Jessica’s Review:

What do I say?  This wasn’t my favorite book ever.  The story line was unique and if it was expanded I think I would have enjoyed it, instead I found myself skipping all the unnecessary sex scenes to get to the plot.  Jessica was a strong woman, a warrior and for the most part a well developed character.  Hawk was thrown into a situation years ago that could have severely changed the way he was, but he held on to certain standards and his family was the most important thing.

I would have liked to know more about the fae court.  I had a vested interest in the story it intrigued me, but unfortunately I didn’t get me wish. The things I was looking forward to were just sort of looked over.

I felt like Kel and Mary were just thrown in, and I wanted to know more about how they met, how Kel helped her.

Unfortunately it’s just not a book I would recommend, but there is so much potential.

Stars: 2


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