Before I go to Sleep

before i go to sleepBefore I go to Sleep

By: Ronne Randall (Author) Tony Kerins (Illustrator)

Price: 3.46 

Summary: Snuggle down, close your eyes, and imagine drifting gently away on a sleepy, dreamtime journey to say “night-night” to the whole world. A beautiful bedtime storybook to share.

Review: This is a great bedtime story for any preschooler. Viola and I read this book every night. As you know preschoolers love repetition. We have read it so much the pages are ripped and falling out, but she doesn’t care. As we travel the world to bed time we say good night to Mommy, Daddy, Teddy, Waggy Dog, Kitty, and Grandma and Grandpa. It is a quick read, but that is how any preschool book should be and it always puts Viola in the mood for sleep.

Viola’s Review: I love this book. It is my favorite!!! I kiss Mommy and Daddy, and Teddy Bear every night.

Rating: 5

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