Smart Mouth Waitress

smart mouth waitressSmart Mouth Waitress

By Mimi Strong writing as Dalya Moon

Kindle Price: $2.99

Amazon’s summary:

Perry makes a strong first impression, from her white-girl dreadlocks to her uncensored opinions.

When she combs out her dreads on a whim, she catches the eye of a cute guy who’s a regular at The Whistle, the diner where she works as a waitress. He mistakes Perry for someone completely different: the girl of his dreams.

Perry tries to become that girl.

But it’s so hard to be normal.

And eyebrow piercings are so cute.

With her mother down in LA recording her comeback album, Perry’s in charge of the family household, and things are going to change. She starts with paint colors and moves on to doling out retributive punishments for her fifteen-year-old brother.

What Perry really wants, though, is her first boyfriend. She’s eighteen, and it’s about time!

Boyfriend candidates include: the cute but quiet restaurant regular, the all-too-willing coworker, or the outgoing artist who’s eager to whip off his clothes and model. One of these guys loves Perry exactly how she is, but how can she tell which one?

My Review: 

This is a funny enjoyable quick read book.  I have to say right from the start I wasn’t found of Marc and was rooting for Cooper. This story is an excellent lesson in being who you are and not changing for someone else.  Perry tells it like it is and at times I want to cringe for her.  She can be very naive. She does some stupid things on the way to finding her first boyfriend, but in the end all I believe all works out as it should.

Her best friend Courtney left something to be desired and Courtney’s girlfriend Britain was a character I could have done without. As Perry says though, how many of us can truely say we are still friends with the our best friend from high school.

This was a smart well written book.

Rating:  4


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